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Thomas Gibbons, who is from the United Kingdom, founded MHA Building Consultancy. He works as a contract administrator and all the clients of the consultancy love him because he is a good, humble, responsible worker.

He will always be with you to solve all your doubts.

In 2005, James Gibbons, Thomas’s father, started in the industry as a hobby, because he studied to be a public accountant. Since Thomas was a little boy, he had the illusion of being like his father, he studied many concepts and took many courses to be as intelligent as he is.

The Start of Something New

His parent inspired Thomas but he wanted his business idea to be different, to innovate the rules, and make a new business using everything he had learned. He decided that he would change the structure of the company.

The Success of the Company

All that happened when Thomas started to develop the new concept of the company, with the client a central element of the process. That is perfect for better development of the projects because with the customer being involved, the company can discuss things and develop the work more intimately.

In 2012, Many Things Changed

The workers decided to recommend the company to their relatives, and we started growing thanks to small projects. Now, we’ve become a big transnational company with 2 offices in India, 1 in Colombia, 1 in Norway, 5 in the United States, and our headquarters in the UK.

What We Want to Achieve

Our goal is to become the best company in the building consultancy industry to keep growing. To do this, we need to cover the expectations of our clients, satisfy our workers by giving them the best rewards, and encouraging them to work hard in a grateful company.

If you want to learn more about MHA Building Consultancy, contact us through our Contact Us page.